Townes Van Zandt

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Townes Van Zandt. 12x9 oil on panel.

Townes Van Zandt. 12x9 oil on panel.

Finished this in about 3 hours, live on Ustream, then another hour by myself.


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So here it is a week later and I still haven’t posted anything.

I’ll get the hang of it eventually.

Here’s the portrait of Townes Van Zandt that I started on last Friday’s Ustream show. ( http://www.ustream.tv/channel/coyote-s-studio )

I had a likeness in the charcoal sketch, and lost it in this underpainting step, but I’ll get it back, I ain’t worried.

Will probably continue on Friday at 2pm PDT.



forgot I had a blog

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I was just thinking “maybe I should start a blog”. So, I went to my webhost control panel and pushed the “make a blog” button, and the address came up as thecoyotestudios.com/blog2. The fact that it said “blog2″ made me think there’s already a “blog” so I checked and had to laugh because I had set this blog up almost a year ago. I was using it as a place to offer these ebooks and courses that I didn’t want to advertise on my regular site. Not that there’s anything wrong with these products, it’s just that I have not seen them, other than the descriptions on their selling pages, so I really can’t endorse them wholeheartedly. I was fairly selective in choosing information products that look like they may be of some value, but beyond that I don’t know.

That said, I’m going to try making this a more active and useful blog. The ebook ads will remain, but will get pushed farther down the page until you won’t even see ‘em.


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Coyote Studios

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Watch this video——> Charcoal Portrait