song Coyote says: The descriptions here of these sites is purely my opinion. All of the sites listed here have value in the advancement of art and art education, but they each have their own personality. Pursue all information, in all forms, and find what works for you. When participating in art discussion forums, you are dealing with real, and varied, people. I strongly advise that one looks at the work produced by an artist before taking advice from them.

WetCanvas Huge art forum site with over 100,000 members. Good advice is there, but it's buried under the sheer numbers of members, and a lot of bad information is passed around. Sometimes over moderated and contentious, it's still a good place to learn how a forum works.

Art Quorum Smaller, friendly art discussion forum. Core group of accomplished artists.

Dick Blick art supplies you guessed it, picture frames. Decent frames at decent prices. Custom sizes without blowing the bank.

Deviant Art large contemporary art forum. Some excellent traditional art, but the emphasis is on digital.

Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Art

Art and Artistry Art forum. Although every forum has members from all over the world, for some reason this one strikes me as having a decidedly international flavor.

Watts Atelier

Artists Rights Society (ARS) is a copyright, licensing, and monitoring organization for visual artists in the United States.

Arts for L.A. Arts advocacy organization working to foster a healthy environment in which the arts and culture may thrive and be accessible to all in Los Angeles County.

Rational Painting Forum of advanced discussion with some of the big names in today's realist art world. Approval process to join, which may include submitting artwork for review. Rational and critical thinking is stressed.

The Painter's Post Robert Genn, sends out a twice-weekly email that is always inspiring and informative.

ArtPapa Workshops, video courses, discussion forum run by Alexei Antonov. Focus on traditional Flemish technique. Huge selection of fine art prints, posters & more. Visit

Virtual Pose Photo collections of nude models in poses viewed from 360 degrees.

Spirit of the Pose Artist/Life drawing teacher Karl Gnass offers classes, workshops, seminars and his book "Spirit of the Pose"

Virtual Art Academy Complete in-depth downloadable courses

Mission: Renaissance local art classes for kids, teens, and adults. 20 studios throughout southern California.